Group Classes

Boot Camp - This class encompasses exercises from athletics sports to martial arts with the focus on cardio, balance drills and circuits training among other core strengthening movements. (B/I/A)

Piloxing - Uniquely mixes pilates and boxing into a fat torching and muscle sculpting guaranteed to whip you into shape! (B/I/A)

Cardio Sculpt - Total Body workout for both muscular strength and endurance. Continuous movement to the large muscle groups keep the heart rate up for a sweat drenched cardio session. (B/I/A)

Zumba - Are You ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what Zumba does! It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy to follow, Latin inspired, calorie burning fitness party! (B/I/A)

Core Training - Got 30minutes (Monday Night class 60 minutes) to hit your abs, thighs and butt? Instructor will use methods from pilates, yoga and weight training to strengthen your core! This class is for everyone –beginner through advanced! (B/I/A)

H.I.I.T. - High Intensity Interval Training- Is hands down one of the best ways to burn fat without causing your body to break down your own muscle tissue! (I/A)

Kardio Karate - A Cardiovascular workout that incorporates boxing moves and variety of kicks for a total body workout. This class is packed with intensity and is designed for beginners through advanced men and women! (B/I/A)

Mat Pilates - Series of exercises performed on a mat to complement different elements of core and posture work focusing on "the powerhouse." (B/I/A)

Step It Up - This is a great step workout! The instructor can utilize one or two steps to raise your heart rate and get an awesome workout! (I/A)

Super Step - Advanced step class with added plyo metrics! (I/A)

Yoga - Tones, Strengthens, increases flexibility, focus, and balance while releasing stress!

B=Beginner   I=Intermediate   A=Advanced

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