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Free Weight Room
  • Hip Abduction (buttocks / hips)
  • Hip Adduction (inner thigh)
  • Standing Calf Press (calves)
  • Leg Sled (all major leg muscles)
  • Ab Crunch (upper/middle abs)
  • Leg Extension (front of upper leg)
  • Seated Leg Curl (back of upper leg)
  • Lateral Raise (shoulder)
  • Vertical Knee-Up (lower abs)
  • Back Extension (lower back)
  • Tricep Extension (back of upper arm)
  • Arm Curl (front of upper arm)
  • Lat Pulldown (combo movement targeting back and biceps)
  • Chest Press (combo movement targeting chest, shoulder and triceps)
  • Rowing (combo movement targeting back and biceps)
  • Shoulder Press (combo movement targeting shoulder and triceps)
  • Power Cages (perform all the major free weight exercises)
  • Functional Trainer (the ultimate multipurpose machine)

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